How Digital Transformation is Changing the Customer Experience

Digitization is changing the way companies are looking at their business capabilities, forcing them to adapt according to the new trend and market reality. On most important thing to take a note of is these changes are not companies driven but customer based, this very well points out toward value of customer experiences. According to IDC, two-thirds of the company CEO of global first two thousand companies will shift to more digital options of improving client relationship and one of them is a Customer Experience Transformation Program. These improved strategies allow better outcome and few loos of finances as well as business.
So in this article we will try to elaborate few details of digital transformation, its tools and methods also how companies are using it to enhance their chances in the growing market competition.

  • What is a digital transformation?

Integration of all the technical upgrades into the business is called as digital transformation, this fundamentally changes the way a business is operated as well as the core value and they deliver to the customer. Two major influences that are pushing companies to adopt technology like Customer Experience Transformation Program are their satisfaction and interactive engagement.
Highly engaged customer buy more frequently and spend 60 % on repetitive purchases. It was found that companies who acknowledged this change and mastered the art are now earning 30% more.

  • How digital technology is affecting consumer experience

1. For a business to business sales:- Every first step with this is to replace the old traditional way of doing cold calling. Now everything sale on social media platform. Instead of waiting for the customer to contact you companies are going with the aggressive method of technologically chasing them, built a relationship with them also educate about your product.

2. For marketing strategies:- This changes the old method for making your product more popular such as billboards. Now more data-driven messaging is being projected to prospects. Use of search engine marketing, also enables many companies to have a better digital channel to control the sales. Use of social media platform for marketing, email marketing, and account-based marketing has increased the business capacity of the companies.

3. Customer service team
:- Representatives are no longer waiting for the person to contact them for complaints. More technological approach makes them proactive in their interactive sessions with the customers. Digital era creates more option like facebook, twitter, email, review sites and forum; they all are now part of customer service and business development ecosystem.

  • Current Trends

With the widespread use of mobile phones, tablets, and laptop the functioning of applications which are driven by machine learning and artificial intelligence has grown, this change is drifting the consumer’s habits and expectation. This has given birth to a new consumer who needs to be updated according to technology all the time. This enforces consumer to rate companies on the basis of the digital experience they have
To accommodate the growing viewpoint and requirement of modern day buyer, your business strategies need to be on the digital platform first and with customer transformation experience program companies will be able to have more personalized interactions which are fast, dynamic and flexible. So using this new digital landscape will help organizations to definitely grow in a positive direction.

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